Business liquidations, Tenant evictions, Abandoned property, Storage lien sales, Estates and much more.
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From one item or your entire house or business, we have the power to do it all!


  1. We accept new and used quality items for consignment Monday and Tuesday from 9 am until 4:30 pm.  We DO NOT accept any customer return merchandise from previous bidders. Customer return merchandise is only accepted from retailers only!  Remember that items dropped off earlier in the week get more inspection time, and more inspection time means more potential buyers!
  2. Consignor must bring his/her items to our facility and furnish his/hers own help. Unless other arrangements have been made. Pick-up is available for an additional charge.
  3. NO items consigned will be accepted with any minimums or reserves unless authorized by Jeff in advance.
  4. Once items are off loaded, Consignor is to write up inventory of all items left to sell.
  5. The Consignor will be given tags with a lot number to place on all items.
  6. Items will be placed/located in warehouse as the Warehouse Manager see's fit.
  7. All items will be offered up for sale the following on Thursday night unless otherwise stated. Should an item not receive a bid or not reach the amount the auctioneer feels is a reasonable amount it will be held over for the following sale.
  8. Consignor should be aware any items left for sell that have no value will be charged a dump fee as deemed appropriate by auctioneer.
  9. Consignors will be charged a commission based on what they wish to consign.
  10. Consignor proceeds are available on Monday at 9 am following Thursdays sale. At the Consignors request a check will be put in the mail on Monday. Any amount under $100 must be picked up in person. We do not mail out checks for less than $100!
  11. Consignments may be sold prior to sale at auctioneer's discretion and will be charged the commission and paid with balance of remaining consignment.
  12. Consignor must be the lawful and legal owner of said property and all items must be free of any and all liens and encumbrances. All items consigned at owners risk. Quality Liquidators Public Auction will not be responsible in case of fire, theft, or damages.
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